Using Friendly Talk | Social Skills Story and Activities | Distance Learning

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Is your school moving to Distance Learning/Remote Teaching? If so, this resource may be helpful to you. And to help you teach remotely, you may use this resource by sharing it digitally with your students via a screen share or by sending the resource directly to your students via email. This is a modification of my regular terms of use. It will remain during the school closures. I hope it is helpful to you during this challenging time.


To use this resource for Distance Learning/Remote Teaching: Students can review the slides you share with them via screen share, and discuss the information verbally. Students can also participate by printing the material at home, and doing it there. When completed students can upload a picture of their work to your email, google classroom or to their own computer to be screen shared via a platform such as Zoom.


* If Sending Home To Parents: If you are sending this resource home and are expecting parents to use this item with your student(s), please understand that they are not teachers and be sure you feel confident that they will be able to use it. This resource is not complicated to use but we do not want to overwhelm parents during this time. An email explanation or phone call consultation may be helpful.




STORIES are a great way to teach important social skills to children who are struggling to understand a particular social concept such as USING FRIENDLY TALK.

This story uses clear, concise language to break down information into small, explicit steps that help children understand what they should or should not do in a given situation.

Three versions of this story are provided, one in color, one in black and white and one animated PowerPoint {great for distance learning}

The black and white version is great to print out and use with students individually. You can write directly on the activity sheet and children can have fun coloring in the pages.




Included Please Find: 


> Social Skills Story: Color Social Story, Great For The Classroom

> Coloring Book Companion: Black And White Social Story, Great To Give To Yours Students To Color In While Reading and/or To Send Home For Generalization

> Skill Builder Activity Pages: Great for generalization of skills

> Animated PowerPoint Story: Fun animations help keep students interested. Click and advance at their own pace. Great for distance learning!



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