SOCIAL STORY SKILL BUILDER Words And Topics To Avoid Using At School

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SOCIAL STORIES are a great way to teach children specific skills that they are finding challenging. 

This is a story addressing those words and topics of conversation that some children just loooove to use, but they are not appropriate in school. I wrote this story for a student I had who really enjoyed using inappropriate topics of conversation in groups. 

Bathroom talk, private body parts and bodily functions as well as personal information about students families, are topics of conversation that can make other children and/or adults feel uncomfortable. 

Read this story with your student and create a list of their own words/topics that they should avoid using in school as well as coming up with alternative words/topics. This can be used a part of a behavior plan or just as a general reminder. 


Included Please Find:  31 Pages

> 1 Social Story {in color}

> Skill Builder 1:
1 Page To List Your Student's WORDS To Avoid Using In School

> Skill Builder 2:
1 Page To List Your Student's TOPICS To Avoid Using In School

Skill Builder 3:
1 Page To List Alternative Words To Use In School
1 Page To List Alternative Topics To Discuss In School

> Coloring Book Companion {black and white story}

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