I Can Be The Boss Of Me! || Social Story || K-2nd Grade

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SOCIAL STORIES are a great way to teach children SOCIAL SKILLS that they are finding challenging. This social story will help boys and girls, k-2nd grade or ability, better understand that they can be the boss of themselves, i.e. make some of their own decisions and choices, but the should not tell others what to do. 

This is a great story to read to the child who is bossy towards other children, always telling them what to play, what to like, where to sit, etc. etc. This makes other children very upset and can make it difficult for the child to make and keep friends.

This story helps the child advocate for him/herself while reminding them not to be bossy to others. 


Included please find:

Social Story

{1 Cover with Boy, 1 Cover with Girl, 1 End Page with Boy, 1 End Page with Girl: So that you can individualize if desired}

Thank you page
Clip art credit

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