It's Okay To Make Mistakes || SOCIAL STORY SKILL BUILDER || 3rd-5th

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SOCIAL STORIES are a great way to teach important skills to children who are struggling to understand a particular social concept such as handling MISTAKES.

A SOCIAL STORY may be just the thing to help.

Social stories use clear, concise language to break down information into small, explicit steps that help children understand what they should or should not do in a given situation.

Do you have students who get really upset when they make even the smallest mistake?

Do you have students who try so hard to avoid making mistakes that they get incredibly anxious and preoccupied with doing something "right?"

Do you have students who struggle to understand (or admit) when they have made a mistake that requires an apology?

Don't just read a story, build the skills needed to fully benefit from the story.

Social Story Skill Builders combine a social story and one or more follow up activities and/or visual supports. These activities and visual supports will help your students build the skills they need, in order to use the information presented in the social story more successfully.

This social story will help children who have a difficult time handling their MISTAKES. The story breaks down various types of mistakes and gives suggestions for how to handle each of them. The story discusses how some mistakes need to be FIXED, some require an APOLOGY and others just need to be LET GO.

The skill building activities help children to understand when, why and how to give someone an apology or when to let something go and move on.

Inspirational quote posters will be wonderful reminders to your students that making mistakes is a necessary part of life and that we all make mistakes.


♥♥♥ What People Are Saying About This Product:

"This product is exactly as described in her description. I like that she offers to make it individualized to the student and plan on contacting her to do this. This is my first purchase on TPT and I'm very happy with this product and seller!" -Buyer

“My son has difficulty with getting upset when he makes mistakes. This story helps him when he becomes upset.” -Buyer

“Love this social story. It is going great with my student who needed it. Will be using this a lot in the future!” –Tall Leaps With Small Steps


This Resource Is Helpful For:

✓ Social Workers/Psychologists:
Use this story with students who are anxious about getting everything right and never making a mistake.

✓ Special Educators:
Use this story with students on your caseload who engage in challenging behavior when they make a mistake or refuse to try in fear of making a mistake.

✓ Regular Education Teachers:
Use this story with students in your class who are anxious and perfectionistic and who are afraid to take academic or social risks.


Included Please Find: 34 Pages


1 Social Story {in color}

1 Social Story {in black & white, to color in }

Skill Builder: Mistakes Activity 1

Skill Builder: Mistakes Activity 2

Skill Builder: Mistakes Quotes {Posters} and Make your Own Quote Posters

~As with all of my products, I am more than happy to modify this story for you. Perhaps you would like a child's name in the story, or a photo, the name of the child's school, or teacher? Just let me know in the comments section on my website and I will be happy to help you in any way I can!

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