SOCIAL STORY SKILL BUILDER || My Body, Its Private And Not-So-Private Parts || For Girls

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Social Stories are a great way to teach children skills that they are finding challenging.

Social Stories break down targeted skills into small, manageable steps. Social Stories teach children what they should and should not do in a specific situation, such as, understanding what body parts are private/not-so-private.

To further support students, I have created Social Story Skill Builders. Social Story Skill Builders combine a social story with activities, to help support the skill(s) taught and promote generalization.

This story discusses the "private" and "not-so-private" body parts on a girl. It also discusses who can touch your body and when, as well as what to do if someone touches you who should not.

Included Please Find:   31 Pages



  • Social Story {Color version, great for classroom use}
  • Choice of 2 Covers To Individualize To Your Student(s)

Skill Builders

  • Skill Builder Activity 1: Who and Why?
  • Skill Builder Activity 2: Comprehension Check

Coloring Book

  • Coloring Book Companion {Great for sending home and for generalization}

Additional Pages

Clip Art Credit Page
Thank You
Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {FREE, Weekly, Social Skills Resources!}

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