SOCIAL STORY SKILL BUILDER || Pack 1 || Coping Strategies || For 3rd-5th

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Social stories are a great way to teach children appropriate social skills. Social stories can help students to better understand social concepts and skills by breaking them down into small, specific steps that are more easily understood. The stories in this pack are great to read to students who struggle with anxiety and stuck thinking.

These stories were written for children 3rd-5th grade OR ability level. They may be helpful for children with special needs or for ELL children. They may also be helpful for any child who is struggling with a particular social concept.

I have many students who benefit from explicit teaching of specific social skills. I read these stories often to help make using these strategies more automatic when students need to use them. I have found these stories to be very helpful for my students, I hope you do too!

Included please find:   84 Pages

Social Story Skill Builder: I Can Be Flexible!

**This is a story about using flexible thinking, why and how to do it.

Social Story {color version, great for classroom use}

Coloring Book Companion {black & white version, great for coloring in and for sending home for generalization}

Skill Builder Activity:  4 Pages of Activity Cards

Social Story Skill Builder: I Can Use Helpful Strategies!

**This is a story about the importance of using helpful behaviors while having a problem.

Social Story {color version for your classroom}

Coloring Book Companion {black & white, great to color in and to send home for generalization}

Skill Builder Activity 1: Being Aware of Possible Problems {in color and black & white}

Skill Builder Activity 2: Problem Solving Strategies Brainstorm Poster {in color and black & white}

Social Story Skill Builder: It's Okay To Make Mistakes!

**This is a story about various kinds of mistakes and how to handle them calmly and effectively.

Social Story {color story, great for classroom use}

Coloring Book Companion {black & white version, great to color in and send home for generalization }

Skill Builder: Mistakes Activity 1

Skill Builder: Mistakes Activity 2

Skill Builder: Mistakes Quotes {Posters} and Make your Own Quote Posters

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