I Am Going To A Birthday Party! | Social Skills Story and Activity

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Do you have a student or child who experiences anxiety over going to birthday parties?

Many children love attending birthday parties but for some children, birthday parties can be very difficult to navigate.

Children who have sensory challenges may find the noise and lights of many parties unsettling.

Children who have emotional challenges may have difficulty waiting for their turn in games or to get their piece of cake.

Other children may have strong preferences and trouble thinking flexibly, causing them to say or do upsetting things to the birthday child or other children.

Most adults consider a child’s birthday party to be a very fun activity. But for children with social learning challenges, the many intricacies of a seemingly simple event, can be overwhelming and anxiety producing.

For these children, explicit teaching about what to expect at a birthday party, strategies to use when needed, and what behaviors are expected of them, can make the difference between a successful experience and a disaster.

Social stories use clear, concise language to break down information into small, explicit steps that help children understand what they should or should not do in a given situation.

Social Story Skill Builders combine a social story and one or more follow up activities and/or visual supports. These activities and visual supports will help your students build the skills they need, in order to use the information presented in the social story more successfully.

This Social Story Skill Builder can help you to prepare your student/child to attend a birthday party. Preparation is the key to success!

Included, Please Find: 31 Pages

19 Page Story {using real photos}

Skill Builder 1: 20 Birthday Party Scenario Cards

Skill Builder 2: 1 Page of Support Activity Suggestions {book, video, article suggestions}

Skill Builder 3: 1 Page of Going To A Birthday Party Tips

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