Social Skills Story and Activity | When Small Problems Come My Way, I Will Be 'A'-Okay!

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Social Skills Stories use clear, concise language to break down information into small, explicit steps that help children understand what they should or should not do in a given situation.

These stories are a great way to teach important skills to children who are struggling to understand a particular social concept such as handling small problems.

Skill Builder Activities follow up the story to support the concept and help build skills needed in order to use the information presented in the story more successfully.

This Social Skills Story will help children understand how to handle small problems (those problems that can be solved by children or let go) and "no problem" problems (those problems that are so small that we don't bother solving them, we just move on).

This is a great story for children who overreact to small problems and who are unable to solve these problems or move on, without adult support.


Included, Please Find: 36 Pages 

  • Covers {one with boy only, one with girl only, one with boys & girls, 2 skin tones}
  • 10 Page Social Story {Color Version}
  • 10 Page Social Story Coloring Book Companion {Black and White}
  • Skill Builder Activity {Small Problem and "No Problem" scenario cards}

Invitation To:   The Teacher's Lounge {Free Monthly Social Skills Resources}

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