Understanding Basic Emotions | Easy Games and Activities

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Understanding Emotions can be difficult for some children. Playing fun games to practice targeted vocabulary and deeper thinking about these emotions, can be a great way to get children to take the first step in being better able to control and adjust their emotions when necessary.


If you have students who struggle to express their emotions and or who don't seem to understand which emotions may be appropriate in a given situation, these fun and easy games and activities may be helpful.


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Activity 1: "Emotions Memory" {a fun and easy way to practice identifying emotions}


Activity 2: "Go Feel" {another fun and easy game, play it as you would play "Go Fish"}


Activity/Resource 3: Emotions Posters {show and discuss the clues on the faces}


Activity 4: "Emotions Game" {a board game with several ways to play}


Activity 5: Emotions Activity: {I feel...because, or I feel... when, connecting feelings to actions, events or situations}


EDITABLE CARDS {several editable cards to make your own}


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