Valentine's Day Friendship Pack | Giving Compliments Stories and Activities and Valentine's Day Activities

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VALENTINE'S DAY (and the week leading up to it) is a great time to work on SOCIAL SKILLS with your students.


This fun pack combines 2 of my Friendship Activities and my Valentine's Day Activities Set.

Together, you have a great range of activities that will help you celebrate Valentine's Day by promoting good FRIENDSHIP SKILLS via giving and receiving COMPLIMENTS appropriately, as well as some traditional Valentine's Day activities with a social twist.


Included Please Find: 175 Pages


Resource 1: SOCIAL STORY: Complimenting Others {39 Pages}

Social Skills Story:

  • Social Skills Story: Color Social Story, Great For Classroom Use
  • Coloring Book Companion: Black And White Social Story, Great For Students To Color In While Reading and/or To Send Home For Generalization

Skill Builder Activities:

  • Skill Builder Activity 1: Giving Compliments
  • Skill Builder Activity 2: Getting Compliments


Resource 2: Compliment Starters {35 Pages}

 Activity 1: Introduce Compliments

  •  Rules Of Giving A Compliment
  •  Compliments Posters {2 posters}
  •  Compliment Starters and Example Finishers {4 pages}


 Activity 2: Compliment Behaviors

  •  "Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Chart with pictures
  •  "Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Chart without pictures
  •  "Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Charts with challenge column 
  •  8 "Way To Go!" Compliment Behavior Cards
  •  8 "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Cards
  •  8 "Way To Go!" Compliment Statement Cards
  •  8 "Oh No!" Compliment Statement Cards


Activity 3: Compliment Starter Strips

  • 24 Compliment Starters: Finish The Compliment
  • Activity 4: Give A Compliment
  • 18 Picture Cards: Practice Giving A Compliment
  • Activity 5: Compliments Board Game


Resource 3:  Valentine's Day Activities Set {51 Pages} 


  • Compliment Cards: 3 Sets to appeal to elementary students
  • Word Search Puzzles: Differentiated for K-2nd and 3rd-5th
  • Crossword Puzzles: Differentiated for difficulty
  • What I Love/Like: Writing activity about who we care about  


Resource 4 Valentine's Day BINGO {50 Pages}  

  • Instructions
  • Call Cards For Quick Play 4x4
  • 6 4x4 Quick BINGO Boards 


  • Instructions
  • Call Cards For Long Play 4x4
  • 6 4x4 Long BINGO Boards 


  • Instructions
  • Call Cards For Quick Play 3x3
  • 6 3x3 Quick BINGO Boards


  • Instructions
  • Call Cards For Long Play 3x3
  • 6 3x3 Long BINGO Boards 


  • 9 BINGO Call Out Cards: Valentine's Day Words 
  • Call Card Recording Sheets 

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