"Wh" Questions Activity Boards ~ Set 1

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These high interest "wh" questions activity boards are a fun way to improve conversations with others.

Help students engage in more dynamic conversations by improving their ability to ask meaningful questions. 

Questions help people to learn more about each other and to show others that we are interested in them. 

This activity has 4 different choices/levels, so you can move on as your students improve and/or use the boards of your choice with a wide variety of learners. The high interest background (Minecraft clip art) helps get students excited to engage in this activity. Using prompt cards, students attempt to ask each other questions about the topic, checking off the appropriate Wh question box as they do. When done, students can see how many and which questions, they asked. 

Included Please Find:

Cover Page
Directions Page
Clip Art Credit Page

Board 1: Six boards with question starters; Where, When, Who, What 
Board 2: Six boards with more difficult question starters; Which, Why, How, Do/Did
Board 3: Six boards with all question starters; Where, When, Who, What, Which, Why, How, Do/Did combined on one board
Board 4: Four boards with boxes to mark off when a question was asked and when a comment was stated. Students must decide which question starter to use. 

18 Topic Card Pictures
18 Topic Card Written 

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