Wh Question Prompts || Animated PowerPoint Presentation || Low Color Version

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Is your school using "Distance Learning?" This fun PowerPoint slideshow is an easy way for your special education students to practice their conversational skills.


ASKING "WH" QUESTIONS and RESPONDING TO OTHERS is an essential conversational/social skill.

Asking others questions demonstrates interest and perspective taking. Responding to questions asked is equally important for the same reasons.

These skills often require direct instruction for children with special needs (autism, ADHD, language delays) as well as ELL students.

 These "WH" Question Prompts will provide students with a fun and interactive way to practice ASKING QUESTIONSand RESPONDING to questions.

 This resource provides you with 4 LEVELS of question prompts, allowing you to use this product with students of different levels and move to a more complex level as students progress.


*For this resource, my usual copyright is modified so that you may send this item to students on your caseload, via email. This resource is not to be posted on any public or private websites.




About This Resource


Use these cards to help your students ask a variety of thoughtful, on topic questions, to a peer partner or the teacher.


►Students see fun animations when they press the spacebar, the arrow keys or mouse 

►These Wh question prompts the same as my PDF Low Color Version

►Bonus prompts in black and white can be colored in with the computer pen/highlighter




Who Is This Resource Helpful For?


This resource is helpful for children who need to practice:


✅ language skills

✅ automaticity

✅ social skills

✅ perspective taking


Appropriate for all readers, elementary level and beyond.




Included Please Find:  69 Pages


Level 1 Directions

Level 1 Prompts (10 pages)


Level 2 Directions

Level 2 Prompts (10 pages)


Level 3 Directions

Level 3 Prompts (10 pages)


Level 4 Directions

Level 4 Prompts (10 pages)


Bonus Sheets Directions

Bonus Sheets: 15 pages

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