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Is your school moving to Distance Learning/Remote Teaching? If so, this resource may be helpful to you. And to assist you in teaching remotely, you may use this send it directly to your student(s) via email. This is a modification of my regular terms of use. This modification will remain in place during the school closures. I hope it is helpful to you during this challenging time.


* If Sending Home To Parents: If you are sending this resource home and are expecting parents to use it with your student(s), please understand that they are not teachers and be sure you feel confident that they will be able to understand how to use it. This resource is not complicated to use, but we don't want to overwhelm parents during this time. An email explanation or phone call consultation may be helpful.


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Word Searches are so much fun, and a great learning activity to add to your classroom. These word searches are themed, month to month, and are EDITABLE so that you can get a ton of use out of them and differentiate them for many learners.


Use one of the blank word searches to write the words of your choice in the locations you wish. Next, delete the filler letters and add your words in the desired location on the editable word search. If you wish to change this word search from time to time, simply move the words around and scramble up the letters a bit.


For older students, include forward, backward, diagonals, going up and down words. You may want to use some of the less common words from the suggested words list and or add your own that may be related to your curriculum.


For younger or special groups of students, you may chose easier words and place them in easier locations such as left to right, on the end of the puzzle, or not sharing any letters(crossing over each other).


These fun word searches are great to pull out each month to recognize the current holiday or season. Word searches are a wonderful way to expand vocabulary. Go through the word lists and make sure your students know what each word means.


Another fun way to use these word searches is to have students make them for each other. Just give them a blank template and have them place their words first, then fill in the other boxes with miscellaneous letters. Be sure they keep track of their words.


Included Please Find:  40 Pages


  • Cover Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Directions And Suggestions
  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources}


> 1 Blank Word Search Template

> 1 Page Of Suggested Word Search Topics

> All Word Searches In EDITABLE format {Great for the teacher to create custom word searches for the class or individuals, controlling the difficulty of each}

> All Word Searches In PDF format {Great for kids to write in their own words/letters and give to each other to solve}


Word Search Themes Included:


> Back To School

Suggested Word List


> Happy Halloween

Suggested Word List


> Happy Thanksgiving

Suggested Word List


> Merry Christmas

Suggested Word List


> Happy Hanukkah

Suggested Word List


> Winter Wonder Land

Suggested Word List


> Happy Valentine's Day

Suggested Word List


> Happy St. Patrick's Day

Suggested Word List


> Spring Has Sprung

Suggested Word List


> Summer Fun

Suggested Word List

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