Writing Prompts || Differentiated Prompts For K-3rd

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Do you have students who hate to write?  They need the practice but you just can't seem to get them interested?

These writing prompts were designed to motivate struggling, unmotivated writers to pick up the pencil! They will allow you to differentiate for 3 different levels reaching more learners.

Included are 30 fun writing prompts that are not your standard prompts. They will activate your student's interest and creativity and get them the writing practice they so desperately need!



Included Please Find:   100 Pages



 Level 1:

30 Writing Prompts With Picture and Title

 Level 2:

30 Writing Prompts With Picture Only {These Are The Same Pages Just Without The Added Support Of The Title}

 Level 3:

Add Extra Writing Pages Provided For a Longer Entry



Word Banks For Each Topic

Graphic Organizer

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