Problem Solving Strategies BINGO and Calm Down Strategies

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Many children struggle to use effective strategies when faced with a problem. Often, they will engage in a behavior that makes the situation worse, their anxiety more heightened or the problem bigger.


This fun BINGO game is a great way to help your students learn and practice a wide variety of problem-solving strategies so that they may be better able to retrieve these strategies while having a problem.


  • Color version is great for the classroom.
  • Black and White version is great for disposable use or for sending home to help support generalization
  • Editable Versions are great for adding your own strategies or for student recall


Discuss, practice, role-play the strategies as you play!


Included Please Find: 52 Pages

Problem Solving Strategies BINGO


> Detailed Instructions

> 6 Color BINGO Boards

> 6 Black & White BINGO Boards

> 24 Scenario Cards Set 1 {K-2nd Grade}

> 24 Scenario Cards Set 2 {3rd-5th Grade}

> Editable Black & White BINGO Board

> Editable Scenario Cards

> Write In Your Own Black & White BINGO Boards


Calm Down Strategies and Visuals


> 2 Calm Down Strategies Posters

> Calm Breathing Cards and Posters


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