Emotional Responses BINGO | SEL Lesson Plans and Activities | For K-5th

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Some children struggle to regulate their EMOTIONAL RESPONSES to everyday situations. The fun SOCIAL SKILLS activities here will help children learn how to respond better to situations and problems that come up in day to day life.

Addressing emotional regulation in a fun game format can help children to think about what might be appropriate responses in a variety of given situations, before they are actually in those situations. 

Complete with 2 lesson plans and visual support, these activities are great for use in small group sessions. They are useful for Therapists, Special Education Teachers, School Psychologist, School Adjustment Counselors, and can be used in the regular education classroom as a small group activity or station. 

The activities will help children improve their :




Included Please Find:   58 Pages

Directions and Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan For Two Group Activities (2 pages)
Directions For Emotional Response BINGO Activity
Directions For Emotions Snowball Fight/Toss


24 Emotional Response Scenario Cards For k-2nd Grade Students 
24 Emotional Response Scenario Cards For 3rd-5th Grade Students


 BINGO Boards

5 Different 5x5 "BINGO" Boards
5 Different 3x3 "BINGO" Boards


Bonus Activities

Bonus Activity 1:  Behavior Activity 

1 "Match or "Mismatch" Emotional Responses Behavior Chart 


Emotion Responses Badges

32 Badges For Use With Bonus Activities
1 Set Of Editable Badges


Bonus Activity 2:  Behavior Maps

1 Emotional Response Behavior Flow Chart (Emotional Match)
1 Emotional Response Behavior Flow Chart (Emotional Mismatch)



Visuals For "Talk Time"

Visuals For The "Jobs Of The Listener"  
Visuals For The "Jobs Of The Speaker"  



1 EDITABLE 3x3 Board
1 EDITABLE 5x5 Board



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