Perspective Taking Variety Pack | For In Person and Distance Learning

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Perspective taking can be a tricky skill to teach, especially if you are teaching remotely/distance learning! This variety pack will provide you with weeks of material to help your students improve their perspective taking skills.


What is Perspective Taking?


Perspective Taking is the ability to look beyond one's own point of view and consider how others may feel about something. 


To take another's perspective, one must have Theory of Mind; that is, understand that others have thoughts, feelings and opinions that may be different and are independent of your own. 



Why is Perspective Taking Important?


  • Because we do not live in isolation {We are often around others}
  • Because we often feel differently or have different experiences{than do our peers}
  • Because we need to take perspective to successfully work and play with others
  • Because perspective taking allows us to make and keep friends {jobs and romantic partners}


This perspective taking variety pack includes 6 resources. Each will help you teach your students about perspective taking through fun and engaging activities.


Also included are 6 video links to my recommended read aloud/videos that are great to support the topics of perspective taking and empathy.


Included Please Find: 143 Pages


1. Empathy Cards:

18 Empathy Scenario Cards- PDF

Empathy Poster- PDF

Empathy Scenario Cards- Animated PowerPoint


2. Perspective Taking Board Games:

Board Game for K-2nd: In Color and in Black and White- PDF

Board Game for 3rd-5th: In Color and in Black and White- PDF


3. Graphic Novel Style Templates For Perspective Taking:

10 Graphic Novel Style Templates- PDF

10 Graphic Novel Style Templates- Editable

10 Graphic Novel Style Templates - Animated PowerPoint

18 Scenario Cards


4. Perspective Taking Activity: Facial Expressions

8 Facial Expression Activity Cards-PDF

Facial Expression Poster-PDF

Facial Expressions Activity: Animated PowerPoint


5. Perspective Taking Activity: Body Language

8 Body Language Activity Cards-PDF

Body Language Poster-PDF

Body Language Activity: Animated PowerPoint


6. Riddles For Kids:

32 Fun Riddles- PDF

32 Fun Riddles- Animated PowerPoint


BONUS: 6 Links To Recommended Read Aloud and Videos That Support Perspective Taking and Empathy. Simply open the file and click to play for your students.

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