Back To School Activity Pack

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Back to school is a fun and exciting time! It’s also a great time to work on social skills that are required to get to know others, understand that we will have similarities and differences, learn school expectations and more! It’s especially great when we can teach and support these ideas in fun and engaging ways.

The activities in this pack will help you to do just that!


Included In This Pack: 65 Pages


  • About Me Worksheets Version 1 and 2
  • Would You Rather…? Social Edition
  • 3,2,1 Getting To Know Each Other
  • School Rules Charades
  • Happy Stars {many uses: labels, name tags, notes, calendar, and more!}
  • School Year Memories Timeline
  • Getting To Know Others: 2 Board Games
  • The Name and Action Game
  • Back To School BINGO
  • Closure Activities
  • Closure Book List




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