Superhero BINGO! | Differentiated BINGO For K-5th

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BINGO is a great game to have on hand at the end of the school year, for special classroom days, class rewards, etc.  But BINGO isn't just a long time favorite, it also offers so much potential for learning and practicing many important social skills.

This set is perfect for small social skills groups but can easily work in classrooms as well. Use this as a station during an academic time or class party.

If you want to use this with your whole class {or any group larger than 6}, simply print out as many BINGO boards as you need. Your students will not mind {and may not even notice} if one or two others have the same board.

Use this fun opportunity to teach and practice social skills such as; paying attention, focus, self regulation, good sportsmanship, flexible thinking, etc.

Two board styles are included, a 5x5 board and a 3x3 board. The 5x5 board comes with 2 ways to play.

These boards work well for all elementary grades and abilities.



Included Please Find:   35 Pages

Thank You Page
Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {FREE, Weekly Social Skills Resources}

6 5x5 BINGO {HERO!} Boards
Easy Play Call Cards
Long Play Call Cards

6 3x3 BINGO Boards {BAM, POW, ZOW, ZAP, BOP, ZAM}
Easy Play Call Cards

9 Superhero Call Out Cards For BINGO

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