Valentine's Day BINGO || Differentiated For K-5th Grade

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Do you need a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day BINGO is a great way to celebrate in your classroom or small group Speech and Language or Social Skills/Lunch Bunch/Friendship group sessions.


These BINGO boards are differentiated to meet the needs of many learners K-5th grade or ability level.


Included are 4 different board levels ranging from quick play to long play. Each level includes 6 BINGO boards, enough for most small group sessions.


If you have more students, simply print out more boards and let some kids play with the same board. The students still have tons of fun, and they enjoy seeing who gets a BINGO at the same time!


*Each BINGO Set Has Color Coordinated Cards To Boards(Black, Red, Pink, Purple) So You Never Have To Worry About Using The Wrong Cards With Your Board Of Choice*


Who Is This Game Helpful For?


Therapists: Use with your social groups or friendship groups to promote good sportsmanship, engaing with peers, attention to task, flexible thinking


Special Education Teachers: Use with your students to promote peer interaction, good sportsmanship, attention, vocabulary


SLP's: Use in your language or pragmatics groups to promote vocabulary, peer interaction, good sportsmanship, flexible thinking


Classroom Teachers: Use in you classroom in small group centers or as a fun whole class activity to promote peer interaction, vocabulary, good sportsmanship


My small groups have a lot of fun playing this BINGO game. I hope yours do too!


Included Please Find:  50 Pages



Call Cards For Quick Play 4x4

6 4x4 Quick BINGO Boards



Call Cards For Long Play 4x4

6 4x4 Long BINGO Boards



Call Cards For Quick Play 3x3

6 3x3 Quick BINGO Boards



Call Cards For Long Play 3x3

6 3x3 Long BINGO Boards


9 BINGO Call Out Cards: Valentine's Day Words


Call Card Recording Sheets


Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources}

Thank You

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