"WH" Questions BINGO And Board Games | Differentiated For K-5th Grade

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Being able to ask and answer "Wh" questions is a very important social pragmatic skill. These fun BINGO and Board Games will help your students practice this important skill in a fun and interactive way.

> Do your students struggle to ask others questions?

> Do they only talk about themselves and their interests?

> Do they have a slower processing speed, making asking questions difficult and less automatic?

Mine Do!

These activities also help children to think about what questions make sense to ask in a variety of situations, as well as improving conversational skills and perspective taking skills in general.

I made these games to help students like these have fun while learning! I hope your students enjoy them as much as mine do. 

All my best,

~Socially Skilled Kids


Included Please Find:  42 Pages




1 BINGO Game With 6 BINGO Boards

27 Written Scenario Cards

18 Picture Cards: Simple Pictures {Color}

18 Picture Cards: Inferential Pictures {Color}

9 Make Your Own (Editable so you can easily add your own text/pictures)

6 BONUS Boards that include How and have a mixture of all of the other words with each board missing one of the words, making for a more challenging game.




1 Wh Questions Board Game: Simple Pictures {Color}

1 Wh Questions Board Game: Inferential Pictures {Color}

1 Wh Questions Board Game: Mixed Pictures {Black and White}

2 Spinners {Color}

1 Spinner {Black and White}

6 Arrows {Color}

6 Arrows {Black and White}




27 "Wh" Questions Word Cards

{To use with picture and written scenario cards from above}

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